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Krystian O
3 min readMay 19, 2022

So last night, I went to see Hamilton, which — for those wondering — totally lives up to the hype. I have no idea how someone comes up with something so compelling and detailed, and the talent of the people involved… Good grief, it is just painfully impressive to witness. Plus, the musical is about a bureaucrat who invented the American financial system and literally shaped the foundational constructs of what we know to be the United States of America.

Politics aside, that’s a very impressive CV, and it’s also very dull — government, finance, liberty, morality… nobody cares about talking about that stuff these days because yelling doesn’t count. Talking, talking about the hard stuff and trying to understand. Ew.

So the fact that this guy has a whole musical made about him — and it’s like… the most successful musical ever made. There’s a glimmer of hope in my life-long quest to make boring things interesting and fun.

Though, just to be clear, I won’t dare step on the creator’s toes with my two left feet. I am not a musical person. I have no musical talent, and I don’t even have average talent unless you count making Nutella sandwiches and talking about myself as a talent.

Back to Hamilton himself, it’s impressive for someone to show that much perseverance and persistence and patience and to stick it out and build something that will outlive their own time. For better or worse, agreeable or not, it’s impressive to see someone genuinely care.

But that’s the point, isn’t it? Leaders have to be brave. They can’t flip-flop their attempts. They have to stay when everyone else has gone and believe in things before they’re popular. At least that’s what they’re meant to be since writing the next chapters of history is part of their job description, even though many act as if they’ve never read the fine print of what they were signing up for.

Combine all of this with the fact it’s election week. I thought I’d give you a reprieve from the endless attack ads and general feelings of anxious disillusionment. I thought I’d distract you (something I’m good at) by running for my own office.

An office that builds on what we’ve done here. A place to listen to my ideas and share what I think is a good point. A platform for me to stand so that more people down the back can hear my megaphone.

Welcome to the Ministry of Ideation by Krystian Ostrowski.

I’m pretty well suited to being a minister for something. Look at the evidence. I talk a lot, am lazy and incompetent by nature, and like wearing suits. I mean, sure, I think talking about other people is the Kardashians of conversation, and sure, making stuff is kinda what I really like doing as opposed to doing nothing and lining the barriers to potential liabilities, which affect my likableness. Those things don’t matter because I think I could fit the mould, and I won’t stop talking till you give me what I want #MillenialLeadership.

I think Krystian’s Imaginary Ministry of Ideation, Transport and Communication is a brilliant idea. I think it would help promote the Ideathon-Nerd-Party-Event-That-Will-Probably-Happen. I think we can make some money and, with a bit of luck, use some of our — my — leftover change to loosen people’s top buttons and relax a little.

Life’s not meant to be all stress and horror. Sure, all musical numbers eventually end, but that doesn’t mean they’re depressing. They catch on because they’re catchy, and I’m sure that we can work out a way to throw a party, work on some ideas, and listen to what I have to say about them.



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